DrMouse : New Web App to share medical information.

Just finished my first web app !

What is DrMouse?

DrMouse is a medical helper I had designed for iOs devices to help my wife as a physiotherapist. I decided to develop DrMouse for the web users as a challenge for me.

What’s in it?

Still powered by Firebase, if forced me to dive in the Javascript documentation and understand how it all works. Finally, I managed to make it come all together with those features :

  • sign in / log in with Google, Twitter and by email/password;
  • install it for public access on my hosting with a subdomain;
  • some JQuery & Javascript code (first time for me);
  • management of a database for authenticated users only;
  • responsive design to suit all users devices.

I’m now interested to have a wide range users so broadcast the information please.

Next to come : redesign my iOs app for the iStore meaning a lot of work !!!

DrMouse app

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 DrMouse : New Web App to share medical information. par MadeInFck est sous Licence Creative Commons Internationale Attribution-Pas d'utilisation Commerciale-Partage à l'identique 4.0 .

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