ESP8266 without Arduino board

After searching the web during 3 days and struggling with uploading any code into my ESP-01, I finally succeeded with the Blink example and then the ESP8266 Webserver/simple authentication example.

The objective was to flash the ESP-01 using Arduino IDE, using the GPIO (0 & 2) to connect sensors and so on. There are so many ressources to read, some very old and nothing up to date regarding the new versions of Arduino IDE, ESP8266 board manager, etc and not so about Mac OS users…

Took me too much time to get a nice result, thus do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions I can answer.

You’ll need :

Here are a few links that really helped with checked and true information:

The last hint is to have the good rhythm when uploading, reset your ESP just before, not too early, not too late (a bit tricky, give it many try!).

I posted an example to light a red led via GPIO 2 on my github, check the following link:

P.S : once you’ve flashed your module, AT commands won’t be usable anymore! If you want step back, you’ll need to flash with AT Firmware according to the chip of your ESP (check Espressif and ElectroDragon sites).


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