LowJS: Node for microcontrollers

As a hobbyist and DIY guy, I always look around for new ways to go further when coding arduino boards, ESP class devices or any other modules. And I found a very interesting one: LowJS.

Here’s the introduction text the given site will provide you:

low.js is a port of the JavaScript runtime Node.js with far lower system requirements, allowing it to run on cheap, power-efficient microcontroller boards based on the ESP32-WROVER module.
With low.js you can build scalable Internet-native electronics applications (IoT) easily and fast.

Other solutions exist of course. The famous Johnny-Five allows to do the same. But this one is mainly dedicated to ESP32 modules. It makes me very enthusiastic and I only recommend this one. Give it a try and do not hesitate to comment this article or to tweet it #lowjs.

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