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Like many hobbyists, I’ve learned by myself some coding skills in several fields. However, knowing if we’re on the right way, if our level is good enough to be reliable and allow working on various projects,… This is why and how I got interested in OpenClassrooms courses. So I started in last March a path identified as Frontend App Developper. And I’ve completed it in August.

9 projects completed

Actually, it has been an incredible adventure during these 6 months. From the very beginning to the end, I’ve learned much more than simply coding skills. The truth is that my skills have improved but not only my code, by far. What I had learned before was quite enough to achieve the projects quite easily. Of course, it was profitable to talk with other students and my mentor. But what I got from this period is maturity and an understanding of what is expected from customers or from any company recruiting coders.

First, I signed in several networks and got in contact with a significant numbers of students. Sharing with them, mainly helping them was pretty good to develop the accuracy of my knowledge. Being able to explain something hard is always a challenge. Once someone understands the solution you are providing, you get that strange feeling that it helped you grow your skills. And it feels good!

Then, mentors working with students @ OpenClassrooms are pros with various behaviours. Some are very enthusiastic and some other can have cutting comments. But both of those 2 versions are good, good to develop our skills. The aim is clearly to graduate students so they should be ready to face a job interview and be recruited quite fast. For a self learning hobbyist, no worries, this way to get a diploma is quite appropriate. But noobs getting along this way may experience more complex situations and some hard feelings.

Finally, those 6 months were an opportunity to learn many more things than what was on the agenda of this scholar path: VueJS, NativeScript, NodeJS, APIs and various frameworks. Being just focused on a field we love makes it easy to move fast. One just need to have clear objectives.

So, I can only claim that anyone who wants to become a coder can trust OpenClassrooms and similar offering parties. But It won’t happen by itself. You’ll have to make it happen but you’re not alone. Finally, don’t be shy and don’t underestimate your level.

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