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Moderator view of message received via Nexmo

I’ve just finished coding my first web app using ReactJs. As one of the organizers of an event, I’ve used a service called « » which offers the possibility to your participants to text a message. This message can be denied, validated or even modified by a moderator if you ask for this option. Thus this gave the idea to try to code a similar app and what I found out is that I had to dig in many aspects I had never studied before : sounds great !!!

First I started to code my first backend server using NodeJs to link my web app with my associated favorite firebase database service. As I had just completed a course about NodeJs, I ordered a VPS at OVH and discovered a whole new world : need to manage myself a linux server running Debian 9, SSL certificates on my own with LetsEncrypt, Apache2 and subdomains,…

So Far, I was quite happy of discovering all this stuff. But I was far from my goal. Connecting real time server, I had to dig into WebSocket first and then WebSocket in NodeJs. Nothing hard but a little of homework to be done.

And finally, ReactJs. I clearly recommend this course by Maximilian at Udemy. Very easy to follow, everything is explained in a simple and appropriate way. Of course, I also needed to use an API to get a phone number and able to transmit from the message from an endpoint to my NodeJs server. Nexmo was here, equivalent of Twilio but enabling French phone numbers or Callr.

As always, searching for snippets, making mistakes, adding more options to the code is the best way to learn and improve our coding skills. Quite happy to achieve this and to know that I’m able to code a full stack web app !

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